Thursday, June 23, 2011

The beauty all around

Let's face it. Life is too complicated sometimes and yes, there are pretty ugly moments, especially if you're single, in your thirties, in a relationship and you're trying to make it in the city-- or in three cities, like me...
But I have a very simple philosophy, ever since I'm a little girl, I imagine myself walking on the sunny side of the street and focus in all things beautiful. It just works for me. That is my mantra.
These brown Puerto Rican eyes have been blessed to experience first hand the wonders of the world, literally. I'm extremely lucky to have a job that keeps me traveling and I've done nothing but to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to find inspiration. And boy I do find it!
It could be a fashion editorial today, it could be the Brooklyn girl with the perfect haircut tomorrow. It could be effortless style walking next to me during Sao Paulo Fashion Week, the Carrie Bradshaw type of gal or an elaborated  kind of vintage look. From the latest "it" handbag to the newest nail trend, from the cutest cupcake in New York to the yummiest Brazilian brigadeiro, from fresh brewed coffee from Hacienda San Pedro to the"to die for" souvenir you simply must find in from Buenos Aires, trust me--I'm your girl. I'm not a teacher, but a learner in progress and I want to share my two pennies of wisdom with you.

I invite you all to follow me in this perennial journey to find beauty all around. Come empty handed, grab a big bag and pick up some love, the doors of the Beauty Bodega are officially open and all of you pretty ladies are welcomed