Friday, December 30, 2011

One Fine (Instagram) Day-San Juan

Avenida Ashford. Transcaribeña

La Concha
San Pedro coffee
San Jose, Old San Juan

Carlitos Colon

When in San Juan...just let it be. This is not Rome and certainly, this is NOT New York, but this city is the love of my life, this is home. Every other weekend I come here and I make an effort to "decompress" from the big city. But even if I've done this for about a year or so, I still feel the adjustment bureau  kicking in. I have to repeat myself, You're not in Kansas anymore--more than once.
But then you see the beach, that amazing beach- and that's it, you're in love, again.

When I'm here, I'm a completely different person. It's not that I work more or less, because I'm a workaholic- but to start with, I wear flip flops most of the time and if I don't watch what I eat, I can easily gain 30 pounds in a heartbeat, because let me tell you, these Puerto Ricans eat, like seriously.
Not salads like New Yorkers, no, our thing is rice and beans and the whole nine yards...

So, how do I survive the trip? Well, over the weekends, I start with a homemade apple-ginger-carrot juice, then I hit Hacienda San Pedro for my single shot latte (an embarrassment, an insult for these heavy coffee maniacs but I don't care) and finally I run to my new passion, spinning in Cardio Zone.
I hate spinning but I love that they play Ricky Martin and Chayanne!
If the sun is on my side, I go to the beach of course, which is (ejem) 2 blocks away from my place.
For lunch, there's Pure & Natural, Kasalta and Pelayo. If you're watching carbs, stay away from Kasalta.
Every afternoon I walk around the lagoon and Santurce. I love spotting new cafes, old houses and urban graffiti. Actually, this past week I discovered, Carlitos (Atangana) Colón, the wrestler champion on display. This is why I now have an Iphone! Cause I don't wanna miss a thing!
In the evenings, we all gather at La Placita de Santurce for a beer (or three), eat at José Enrique (if you're lucky) and dance salsa. Otherwise, there's always Old San Juan. I can't get enough of it's beauty.
I've seen it probably 10,000 times but is just so gorgeous.
But the best thing here is hanging with your friends just to make fun of the politicians that run the country. True, we don't agree on many things but on that, we're all on the same page.

XOXO La Gerente

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Fantastic Four

Taylor Tomasi Hill
Julia, Photo Courtesy of Essence
Elisa Salin, courtesy of All The Pretty Birds blog
Shala, photo courtesy of Essence

Fashion girls are everywhere. Just look around. But New York City, Milan, Sao Paulo and Paris are like a sanctuary for these endangered species. 
I can spend an entire afternoon at Cafe Gitane just spotting pretty & rare birds.
Here, everyone has a different idea of what an it girl should look like.
Some live and die for SJP,  I can totally get it-Sex & the City forever. 
Some girls prefer that old Hollywood glam and worship Rachel Zoe, totes cool too. 
Others go for the Kardashians extravaganza-and you know what, its all good.
Me? Well, I in particular, follow street style. That's it. The new runway is the sidewalk.
Its like a hobby!
It is so entertaining that it makes it almost impossible to pick my favorites...
I mean- don't get me wrong, there is no one like Giovanna Battaglia, or Carine Roitfeld. They're icons, period.  
I do love young souls like Joan Smalls and Hanneli Mustaparta- they're always killing me softly.
But, ay Dios mio, when I see Julia Sarr Jamois, Shala Monroque, Taylor Tomassi Hill and Elisa Nalin, my heart beats faster.
There is something about them. I get that je ne sais quoi feeling I can't explain-lets just say they make it all easy, easy like Sunday morning. They're so chic, they're fun, they're smart, street smart that is.
The jeans, the Chanel flats, the hair, the turbans, the necklaces, the experimenting, the color surprises...they just get it--and I just can't get enough of them!!!
If there's such thing like a genie in a bottle I would die to get a sneak peak or their beauty bodegas...
Don't you, don't you???

La Gerente

Saturday, December 17, 2011

ONE FINE DAY Series...Lower East Side, NYC

La Colombe
Peonies at Dean & Deluca
St. Patrick's Old Cathedral 
Ina Consignment

The best thing about living in NY is having a little place in LES, because--when I happen to be in town, I can stop and smell the flowers (literally at Dean and Deluca), and the coffee (from La Colombe), and the pizza (at RubiRosa) and so on and so forth.
This is only because everything is conveniently located downtown, steps away from me. 
And-like The Backstreet Boys--I want it that way. I'm not good friends with commuting, I must confess. These shoes are made for walking...

People, Puerto Ricans in particular, ask me every time what do I do when I'm off .  
Well, every day is different obviously but lets take today for example. Today was one of those lovely easy peasy December Saturdays when you walk out the door singing out loud "tiiiiiiime is on my siiiiide, yes it is."

Usually my day starts with an iced latte at La Colombe(, then I hit Juice Generation ( for my apple-ginger-kale-beet regular and I finish in RubiRosa ( with their outstanding meatballs. Cliche, but all my favorite spots are 'round here.

I have no excuses when it comes to exercise being so close from Equinox( and when it comes to mode I always get the best & the latest stuff at Ina on Prince. Now you know where I got my Celine nude ballerina flats...

In Puerto Rico is very hard to find fresh flowers, but here is nice and easy. With that said, I try to have fresh flowers always, white peonies to be precise. However, if I know I'll be traveling like crazy I just stop at Dean & Deluca ( for 5 minutes to say hi. Yes, you can talk to flowers. They're alive. Although I pretty much can talk to everything.

If I'm not working on a strategy I can spend hours in McNally Robinson ( going thru The Gentlewoman ,V, I.D. and you name it, like I did today.
The icing on the cake was watching completely unexpected (and free of course) the rehearsal of St Patrick's Old Cathedral choir front row. Amazing is an understatement. 
Late at night I hit Sunshine Theater for whatever indie film they're showing.

I mean, how could I ever get bored in this wonderland??? And I'm not even talking about celebrity spotting, that my friends, is another story. I'll just tell you I once lived VERY close to David Bowie.

So, I really don't understand why everyone is dying to move to the UES if downtown hast it all, attitude and everything. In fact, we're oh- so fly. So, now you know that, 'til the day I die, my New York tiny heart belongs to the Lower East Side.

XOXO La gerente de la bodega.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Photo courtesy of Valentino

Valentino's virtual museum is not red, is RED HOT. He's the last Emperor for a reason...
Thanks to technology, you and me and everyone can take a peak at his work NOW, yes, NOW.
You will not be dissapointed. It's like the mother of beauty bodegas.
Take this classic for example, my all time favorite by the way, unembellished, with character and presence, in other words: with Valentino Garavani written all beautiful...
Not kidding, in fact, here's the link.

XOXO, La gerente

A gift from Richard Burton

Courtesy of Christie's Images LTD-A gift from Richard Burton, 1968

We all know Elizabeth Taylor collected both diamonds and love stories.  I really think she said the go big or go home thing before anybody else. Out of respect for this lady and, of course, serious budget issues, I would never be able to sport any of these babies...but if there is such thing as a Fairy Godmother, Cinderella style...and I could pick my favorite piece of the collection available at Christie's, it would have to be this rocking rock, only because Richard Burton gave it to her. And he was her rock.
Enjoy the view ladies...

Forever Elizabeth. The most beautiful.

XOXO La Gerente

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Get ready...MARNI 4 H&M

Photo Courtesy of H&M. Consuelo Castiglioni from Marni

Pinch me! I can't believe this is actually happening.These are the best news period, better than the new Iphone, better than Angry Birds! I don't know how to explain how happy I am for this collaboration. Someone finally heard my prayers. I'm going to start speaking languages soon!
So please bodegueras, mark your calendars! March is around the corner.See you in NY!

XOXO La gerente

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Material Girl...

The Meatball Shop cookbook $28. Photo courtesy of NY Mag

Jerusalem Astier de Villate Candle $85. Photo Courtesy of Astier de Villate
Linus bike. Photo courtesy of Linus
Laduree. Photo courtesy of Laduree. No words needed
One word: Givenchy. Photo courtesy of

Make no mistake, I'm a very spiritual person and I completely embrace the Holiday season.
For me it's all about family and traditions. Every year, I watch Love Actually, Home Alone, A Christmas Carol and even Nightmare before Christmas.
I decorate the Christmas tree (in my tropical paradise) and bake (Philsbury) cookies.
I sing out loud Santa Baby and I go window shopping (of course) all over Manhattan.
I support the causes I strongly believe in and I want nothing but peace and love in the world (John Lennon style), not only during this time, but always and forever.

However, it does not hurt to hang a mistletoe...I mean...why not...I've been such a good girl and by the way we have to support this economy! 
Thanks to New York Magazine's Holiday gift guide, I was able to come up with my top 5.
I'm sharing them because maybe you're looking for ideas too for you or your loved ones. PS. If you see my boyfriend, I mean Santa, you can tell him exactly what I want. 

And to you reading this little post, if you feeling merry, I highly recommend to give some love to the neediest and if you can, donate to great organizations such as, and/or The universe will pay you back with a thousand blessings. Trust me. Yo soy la gerente...

XOXO La Gerente

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Todas enloquecidas con Giambattista Valli para Macy's Oct 26

Photo courtesy of Macy's
Cómo me gustan las colaboraciones con diseñadores a precios asequibles para las masas, y más cuando son de la talla de Jason Wu, Karl Lagerfeld, Versace, Lanvin y ahora Giambattista Valli para Macy's.
No hay excusa para ir por esos mundos de Dios vestidos y alborotados.
Nos vemos en la fila el 26 de Octubre.

XOXO La Gerente

Miss Piggy-the one and only

Photo by Dan Forbes for InStyle

What a chick! Can't get enough of this editorial from In Style!!! Wu! Gurung! So chic!

XOXO La Gerente

My desk

It is not easy to pick the perfect elements for your desk. At least not for me. Desks are so important!
I'm never in my office so its a bit hard to personalize my little corner. But I'm sentimental!
I'm the kind of person that still have the Valentine's cards for my 5th grade school friends.
I wanted to keep my desk at home simple-- after all, my brick wall actually speaks for itself, but it needed some attitude.

Here we go.
The MAC book you see there is my life.  Its my 3rd one...
I bought that Pierre Poretti photo in Siem Reap Cambodia and I just love it. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of my adventurous self, trips of a lifetime, people + places I just can't forget.
All those pens come with me from every single hotel I go. The tin used to have the best aztec chocolate from Marie Belle, NY. The boyfriend photo-happy times.
White flowers, always a must. These gorgeous ones in particular were a gift from Amy Focazio.
Candles are just necessary objects, especially if they're Diptyque Paris.
There's also a pic of my mom when she was little and a little wood box from Frida Kahlo's museum store I got the first time I went to Mexico.

There you have it. Practical magic.

XOXO La Gerente

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Who's that girl????????????????

 A.¿Una modelo andrógena?
 B.¿Un rostro camaleónico?
 C.¿El epítome de la belleza rara?
 D.¿Protagonista de la Campaña Chanel Cruise 2012?
E. Bad ass?

Les presento a la danesa Saskia de Brauw. Todos en París buscaban hasta debajo de las piedras a Arizona Muse, y mis ojos se posaron el Saskia. No es que Arizona Muse no sea digna de admirar.
Es más, aceptémoslo, las modelos son criaturas especiales, de otro planeta, ET como la canción de Katy Perry. Pero pocas veces aparece una de estas rarezas...fue como cuando descubrí a Freja Beha (otra chica Chanel) entrando a una pasarela de Alexander Wang...Sino me creen lo camaleónica que puede ser, miren esta foto en el desfile de Haider Ackermann, uno de los más cotizados en París.

Saskia de Brauw en Ackermann via

Si quieres ver el show de Ackerman completito...

 Tan Tan.

XOXO, La Gerente.

Entre el mar de Chanel, el carrusel de Vuitton y las criaturas de McQueen

Vuitton via

Alexander McQueen via

Chanel via

 Hay fotos que hablan por sí solas. Esta es la segunda camada de mis pasarelas favoritas en Paris.
A Dior lo que es de Dior...entre el mundo marino de Chanel, el carrusel de Vuitton y las criaturas de McQueen, no me doy abasto.

XOXO, La Gerente

What happens when you empty your Paris

 I definitely know where to have a good meal in Paris and If I don't, I ask the locals...
The duck at Les Bouquinistes, the Napoleon Salad at Laduree, the burrata at Costes, the falafel sandwich at L'as du Falafel, the beef bourguignon at La Frégate, the blanquette at Royal Madelaine...I see, like Shakira says-these hips don't lie...

XOXO, La Gerente

Roses are Red...@Hotel Costes

I was forced to walk by this window every day and every night for an entire week. Is just not fair. Especially because now I'm stuck with Bowery...but hey, that's what pictures are for right? If there's a city more beautiful than Paris, I just don't know it yet...and I have  not one, but two American passports...
Thanks my beautiful Lais for the images...

Monday, October 3, 2011


Mini Luggage Bag Courtesy of Céline

 If this is not the most coveted bag for fall, my name is not Jeniffer Rosa Lopez. I saw it so many times in Paris that for a second I forgot this Mini Luggage costs 1,250 Euros. You do the math. If you can afford it, GET IT WHILE IS HOT. We all know what happened to Balenciaga's Arena back in the day. Everyone had it and it wasn't fun anymore.
However I really, really, really think Céline is beyond the "bag of the moment"momentum.
We'll have to buy it and see or go to and do some window shopping...

XOXO, La Gerente

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Paris Fashion Week-blanco que te quiero blanco

Céline (Vía
Givenchy (Foto Via
Costume National (Via

Si te preguntas cuáles tonos serán clave la próxima temporada primavera verano, la respuesta es blancos y marfiles. Hay un aire puro, delicado, femenino, y muy versátil.

Este finde en las pasarelas parisinas se vio de todo; desde el primer desfile de Kanye West, hasta la excéntrica por excelencia, Vivienne Westwood-- pero mis favoritos sin duda, fueron Givenchy, Costume National y obviamente, Céline. Ricardo Tisci y Phoebe Philo me provocan fiebre al punto del delirio. ¿No me creen? Los shows completos están en Juzguen ustedes.
Advertencia: No apto para fashionistas compulsivos.

XOXO, Jen, La gerente

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Zapatitos con medias

Se acerca el otoño y con él las hojas anaranjadas, los vientos frescos, los trench coats y lo que era inevitable...loafers con medias cortas. Se pasearon frente a mi rostro en repetidas ocasiones en Paris.
 Me animé a probarme un par en Repetto, se ven hermosos-en la vitrina...y al parecer, en las parisinas.

XOXO La Gerente, Jen

A lo que vinimos, Street Style Paris Fashion Week

Anna dello Russo Vogue Japan ¿Por dónde empiezo? Es la reina de mi corazón .
La blusa azul celeste, la falda negra, la cartera sobre, morí muerta
A esto se le llama carácter...
Sí, aún puedes sacar tus tonos neon. Not always less is more.

Divina. Los jeans, los tacones, la blusa, sencilla y clásica.
Emmanuelle Alt de French Vogue. Negro es el color.

No siempre Less is More...esto es lo que sucede frente a mis ojos...Lo mejor de las Semanas de Moda, Street Style
XOXO, La Gerente

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Royal Madeleine

Royal Madeleine, Paris
Es oficial, ya no estamos en Kansas. Esto es Paris. ¿Cómo sé que estoy en Paris y no en cualquier otra ciudad con este jet lag? Fácil-Tavi está plasmada en la portada de L'Officiel-a sus 15 años-o 16- quién sabe...Carine Roitfeld, alias "La irreverente" fue la inspiración para vitrina de Colette, Rachel Zoe aterrizó con una docena de maletas-me enteré gracias a The Cut, las modelos comienzan a inundar el metro, cada vez es más difícil conseguir una reservación, y ya ni mi nombre unido a mi segundo apellido-osea-Jeniffer Lopez-ayuda... Encima la lluvia de bolsos Celine no puede ser casualidad...

Entre tanta actividad, yo necesito relajarme, especialmente antes de comenzar el ritual de la cobertura tras bambalinas. Porque, no crean que es fácil caminar en tacones por Paris no, las calles están llenas de cráteres, son un campo de batalla. Hay que encomendarse a Dios. Por eso, no hay nada mejor que sacar una horita (o dos) e irse de compras acompañada por una buena cena o champañita, como usted prefiera...

Conozco muchos lugares en Paris, no puedo evitarlo, amo descubrir pequeños restaurantes, pero siempre regreso a Royal Madeleine
En primer lugar, es uno de esos lugares realmente acogedores, donde el servicio es bueno y la comida deliciosa. En segundo lugar, está cerca de mi hotel. Esta noche por ejemplo, opté por el "blanquette veal stew". Santa María de los Buenos Aires. Wow. Wow. Wow. Sin duda es una parada obligatoria.
Por suerte el hotel donde me hospedo tiene un mini gym, no que piense ir en algún momento y sacrificar mis tardes parisinas, pero a todo el mundo le gusta tener abiertas las opciones, y yo no soy una excepción.

XOXO La gerente, J

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hablando de zapatos...

Cuando se trata de zapatos, toda mujer es una adicta en potencia. Después de todo- ¿quién no se probó los tacones de mamá cuando era pequeña? Señoras, en esta materia, todas somos culpables y en primer grado. Aceptémoslo de una vez.

Yo confieso que, a esta servidora los zapatos le hacen cosquillas, le lanzan miradas atrevidas y coquetas...Me provocan- no me puedo resistir. Prefiero tener zapatos maravillosos antes que un auto, y hablo con total seriedad.

Mis zapatos han sido-sin exagerar- causa de rompimientos amorosos, factor clave en las facturas de mis tarjetas de crédito, claros objetos de envidia, alimento para mi alma y obvio, también han sido fabulosos regalos que marcaron momentos importantes en la vida.
Mis primeras sandalias PRADA me acompañan todavía, llevan 7 años de aventuras y espero tenerlas muchos más. Si eso no es una inversión, no conozco el significado de la palabra. Los tacones YSL son mi perdición y con ellos salí a cenar por primera vez con mis suegros. Ni hablar de la búsqueda de las Kasia de Alexander Wang en Nude...Jamás me había obsesionado con algo de esa manera, ni siquiera con mis exámenes finales de maestría en NYU...

Mi madre solía decirme que puedes disfrazar un vestidito de cualquier lugar con accesorios, pero los zapatos, esos no disimulan, ellos gritan aquí estoy, así que antes de salir ármate de un buen par --porque la calle está dura.

Esta selección fue la que se ganó venir conmigo a Paris para la semana de la moda, pero en mi corazón siempre, SIEMPRE- hay espacio para un nuevo par.

XOXO La Gerente.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Todos vuelven...

Cortesía de Madewell
Desde mi encuentro cercano del tercer tipo con Los Bumbys no había encotrado nada que me gustara tanto como los penny loafers. Quiero hacer notar que mi mamá no lee mi blog, de lo contrario estaría en graves aprietos. Los penny loafers fueron mis zapatos de colegiala por más de una década. Despertaba rabiosa en las mañanas de saber que, en vez de tacones, tenía que enfrentarme a los susodichos otro día más.
Pero como...todos vuelven...aquí están ellos otra vez. Lo curioso es que ahora, ahora sí me laten. Me parecen comodísimos, súper prácticos y tienen un aire de masculinidad muy coqueto. Esos zapatos dicen, yo llevo los pantalones.

Jen, La Gerente