Saturday, December 17, 2011

ONE FINE DAY Series...Lower East Side, NYC

La Colombe
Peonies at Dean & Deluca
St. Patrick's Old Cathedral 
Ina Consignment

The best thing about living in NY is having a little place in LES, because--when I happen to be in town, I can stop and smell the flowers (literally at Dean and Deluca), and the coffee (from La Colombe), and the pizza (at RubiRosa) and so on and so forth.
This is only because everything is conveniently located downtown, steps away from me. 
And-like The Backstreet Boys--I want it that way. I'm not good friends with commuting, I must confess. These shoes are made for walking...

People, Puerto Ricans in particular, ask me every time what do I do when I'm off .  
Well, every day is different obviously but lets take today for example. Today was one of those lovely easy peasy December Saturdays when you walk out the door singing out loud "tiiiiiiime is on my siiiiide, yes it is."

Usually my day starts with an iced latte at La Colombe(, then I hit Juice Generation ( for my apple-ginger-kale-beet regular and I finish in RubiRosa ( with their outstanding meatballs. Cliche, but all my favorite spots are 'round here.

I have no excuses when it comes to exercise being so close from Equinox( and when it comes to mode I always get the best & the latest stuff at Ina on Prince. Now you know where I got my Celine nude ballerina flats...

In Puerto Rico is very hard to find fresh flowers, but here is nice and easy. With that said, I try to have fresh flowers always, white peonies to be precise. However, if I know I'll be traveling like crazy I just stop at Dean & Deluca ( for 5 minutes to say hi. Yes, you can talk to flowers. They're alive. Although I pretty much can talk to everything.

If I'm not working on a strategy I can spend hours in McNally Robinson ( going thru The Gentlewoman ,V, I.D. and you name it, like I did today.
The icing on the cake was watching completely unexpected (and free of course) the rehearsal of St Patrick's Old Cathedral choir front row. Amazing is an understatement. 
Late at night I hit Sunshine Theater for whatever indie film they're showing.

I mean, how could I ever get bored in this wonderland??? And I'm not even talking about celebrity spotting, that my friends, is another story. I'll just tell you I once lived VERY close to David Bowie.

So, I really don't understand why everyone is dying to move to the UES if downtown hast it all, attitude and everything. In fact, we're oh- so fly. So, now you know that, 'til the day I die, my New York tiny heart belongs to the Lower East Side.

XOXO La gerente de la bodega.

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