Monday, December 19, 2011

My Fantastic Four

Taylor Tomasi Hill
Julia, Photo Courtesy of Essence
Elisa Salin, courtesy of All The Pretty Birds blog
Shala, photo courtesy of Essence

Fashion girls are everywhere. Just look around. But New York City, Milan, Sao Paulo and Paris are like a sanctuary for these endangered species. 
I can spend an entire afternoon at Cafe Gitane just spotting pretty & rare birds.
Here, everyone has a different idea of what an it girl should look like.
Some live and die for SJP,  I can totally get it-Sex & the City forever. 
Some girls prefer that old Hollywood glam and worship Rachel Zoe, totes cool too. 
Others go for the Kardashians extravaganza-and you know what, its all good.
Me? Well, I in particular, follow street style. That's it. The new runway is the sidewalk.
Its like a hobby!
It is so entertaining that it makes it almost impossible to pick my favorites...
I mean- don't get me wrong, there is no one like Giovanna Battaglia, or Carine Roitfeld. They're icons, period.  
I do love young souls like Joan Smalls and Hanneli Mustaparta- they're always killing me softly.
But, ay Dios mio, when I see Julia Sarr Jamois, Shala Monroque, Taylor Tomassi Hill and Elisa Nalin, my heart beats faster.
There is something about them. I get that je ne sais quoi feeling I can't explain-lets just say they make it all easy, easy like Sunday morning. They're so chic, they're fun, they're smart, street smart that is.
The jeans, the Chanel flats, the hair, the turbans, the necklaces, the experimenting, the color surprises...they just get it--and I just can't get enough of them!!!
If there's such thing like a genie in a bottle I would die to get a sneak peak or their beauty bodegas...
Don't you, don't you???

La Gerente

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