Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My desk

It is not easy to pick the perfect elements for your desk. At least not for me. Desks are so important!
I'm never in my office so its a bit hard to personalize my little corner. But I'm sentimental!
I'm the kind of person that still have the Valentine's cards for my 5th grade school friends.
I wanted to keep my desk at home simple-- after all, my brick wall actually speaks for itself, but it needed some attitude.

Here we go.
The MAC book you see there is my life.  Its my 3rd one...
I bought that Pierre Poretti photo in Siem Reap Cambodia and I just love it. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of my adventurous self, trips of a lifetime, people + places I just can't forget.
All those pens come with me from every single hotel I go. The tin used to have the best aztec chocolate from Marie Belle, NY. The boyfriend photo-happy times.
White flowers, always a must. These gorgeous ones in particular were a gift from Amy Focazio.
Candles are just necessary objects, especially if they're Diptyque Paris.
There's also a pic of my mom when she was little and a little wood box from Frida Kahlo's museum store I got the first time I went to Mexico.

There you have it. Practical magic.

XOXO La Gerente

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