Saturday, August 18, 2012


Agua de Coco bikini
I can't believe its been 7 months since my last post. I sincerely apologize 7 times for it.
It's so disrespectful to call this a blog when I know bloggers work 24-7.
If it helps to redeem myself, to say that I have been busy is an understatement, but I have about 600,000 DELTA miles and 30 something stamps in my passport to prove it.
Anyway- let's move on-quickly-cause time is money, especially here in Brazil.
Yes, I'm in Rio, in Ipanema to be exact, some things never change- but boy so much have changed since the first time I came here 12 years ago. Back then, you could get a beer for a $1.00, Havaianas for $5.00 and bikinis for $10.00-tops. Those were the days my friend, we ALL thought they'll never end....and now it seems so far away. If you find a bikini for $10.00-here's my number, so call me-maybe. I know you wont. But its ok, because for $45.00, which is still nowadays quite affordable, I was able to get this gorge JLO meets Versace piece in Agua de Coco. And let me tell you, it fits like a glove and I feel just like Gisele-Bundchen that is- of course.


La Gerente.

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