Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I like Herman Monster- but I LOVE Herman Miller!

Courtesy of DRW and Herman Miller

So I'm in Puerto Rico on vacation. But it happens that it's also hurricane season down here and the first storm is on her way- I say her because her name is Emily. Timing...

I have nothing much to do inside of my empty apartment, just a bunch of books...

There's no beach, no rainforest trips, no wandering around, no internet. I'm home, literally.

Except for a a little project... I have to revamp an old apartment that I just got.

This tiny space we got near the beach needs some serious love, so I'm plugged to Design within
Reach, The Selby and Lonny until death do us part or the electricity shuts down.

One of the things I'm really obsessed with is the Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair or like some people call it The Eiffel chair, by Herman Miller.

This cutie honey is not new, actually this has been around since 1948 but it happens that I just discovered it.

I already have 6 of these babies in lime yellow. This chair has the power to make a soso place a great, matanga dijo la changa kind of space.

My apartment is completely empty right now, but with the Herman Miller chairs, it looks like a GOOD work in progress.

Let's talk about it a year from now...


XOXO, Jen, La Gerente.

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