Sunday, August 28, 2011

My home away from home: Las Alcobas

Courtesy of Las Alcobas

By now, you all know I'm not the Mega hotel kind of gal.
If it suits you, good for you, it just doesn't work for me.
Thank God, I keep on discovering little jewels along the way...In Mexico City, my first choice is always La Condesa hotel, but traffic in this city is beyond crazy and believe me, I can't deal- so I started looking for a place closer to my office.

Some friends suggested this newbie...I resisted and hesitated a bit...but at the end, I surrendered.
It was Las Alcobas turn. Gorgeous, sleek, modern simple style, great location and amazing service.
I have NO regrets.
Las Alcobas is located in posh Polanco neighborhood, next to top restaurants and steps away from legendary Lincoln Park. If you're ever in this side of the wold, and need some lovin' I highly recommend it.

XOXO, La Gerente

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