Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Easy-easy like Sunday morning

Courtesy of Con Calma 

Unless I travel for work, I tend to leave all glamour behind, far far away, in Never Never Land.

Anyway, God only knows how much of a low key girl I am. 
Make no mistake, vacation means comfort and relaxation to me.
As you already know, I pack light and carry on-because there's no reason to buy/keep things I'm not going to wear.

I just need one piece that will work with everything, a piece that transitions easily from day to night. 

That's why I was so excited when I found probably the tiniest-cutest-coolest store in Viejo San Juan
Con Calma. 

They have a great assortment of bags, with fabrics and patterns I've ever seen before in Puerto Rico. 
Funny enough, because God works  in mysterious ways, they were made 100% in the island.

Who knew?

Not only that, the philosophy behind these bags is an environmentally responsible design, that supports local industry. In any other place this is a piece of cake, but when it comes to Puerto Rico, I must say this is a titanic effort--reason why I admire with every single beat of my heart Con Calma's mastermind, Mathilsha Marxuach, and the women from the mountains behind these beauties.

If you're ever in Puerto Rico, this store and of course, mallorcas from La Bombonera are a must.
But if you can only dream of going to the place I call home, I have good news for you-
just go to

Support local design.

XOXO Jen, La Gerente

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