Thursday, July 28, 2011

You gotta have this! Ode to the Cambridge Satchel

Courtesy of Cambridge Satchel and JCrew

"Yo estoy obsesionado contigo y el mundo es testigo de mi frenesí y por más que se oponga el destino, serás para mí Ayyyy para mí"...Daniel Santos

There you have it, my favorite bolero ever- period. I had to dedicate this song "Obsession" to my newest crave, the Cambridge Satchel.

You already know what I'll be carrying during New York Fashion Week... If you want it as bad, I have bad news for you--JCrew and Urban Outfitters had it for a little while but of course it sold out.
If you spot it, just get it! Think about this as an investment, neon comes and goes in a heartbeat.

Go to diligently to see if they bring them back! Good luck!

XOXO Jen, La Gerente

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