Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Sweet Journey of Inspiration according to Jesiel Maxan

Courtesy of Jesiel Maxan
In honor of La Bastille, I will dedicate my last blog of the week to Paris and the Puertorisienne living in the city of light  (home to Coco Chanel of course) Jesiel Maxan.

I met Jesiel over dinner, duh, granted. It took me 5 minutes to figure out that everything about her involves food one way or another.

In fact, if she weren't as nice as she is, I would totally hate her for being a size 2. Life is just not fair but you can't hate her for her genes.

I think our story goes back to 2008.

We were in New York at the birthday party of a friend we both have in common, la linda Zama.

We started talking about two things we absolutely love: food and travel. We connected immediately.

I remember Jesiel was curious about my recent trip to Cambodia and Thailand because for a while, she's been cooking Thailand in her head...To make the long story short, not only she ended up going there, but la Maxan decided to extend her vacation against all odds.

We almost loose her to a pad thai but she came back in one piece, only to pack her stuff, say her "see you later alligators" and return--this time, it was official, she decided to stay.

From there, she went to India, China, Israel, France, Bali and God only knows where.
Nothing could stop her. Nothing. We lost track.

But that was so yesterday. Now she lives la vie en rose in Paris, spending most of her time in the kitchen, where she belongs, making us all jealous of her beautiful cakes and macarons. She makes it look so easy...because she's easy, easy like Sunday morning...

I can talk forever about Paris and Jesiel...If you want to follow her delicious recipes, you must know she has a blog: Sweet Journey of Inspiration.

But if you want to get to know Jesiel like I do, please see our Q & A Below.

XOXO Merci. La Gerente

1. The first French dish you mastered: Coquilles Saint-Jacques. They're delicious! Originally from Normandie. It's pretty much sauteed scallops with  mushrooms, wine and butter

2. Where to shop for ingredients? I personally like Saxe-Breteui. It has a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. Its open every Sunday.  Metro Motte Picqute, Line 8

3. Your perfect french breakfast: a glass of juice, vienoisserie, preserves, yogurt and coffee

4. In your humble opinion who wins the macaron battle? I prefer Pierre Herme because he concentrates more in the flavors of the ganache and its more creative in his selection...However,  Laduree's biscuit is just perfect. I'm happy with any of them. You should also try Café Pouchkine

5. Which is the hardest plate to elaborate for you?  I have to say Coquilles Saint-Jacques. The scallops were literally alive!

6. Where in France is the best place to eat? People say Lyon, but I haven't been there-yet. However, I like Normandie very much.

7. Champaign or wine? Oh la la, this is a hard one...It depends. Voila! 

8. Three places you MUST recommend:  La Marine, Cafe de Flore, Bar Aux Folies...

9. A quick recipe: Baguette with Nutella

10.  Your favorite food blog: The Selby