Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Holy Brigadeiros!

Maria Brigadeiro

I started the day with the right foot. I had the most amazing brigadeiros from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Brigadeiros are for Brazilians what macarons are for Parisians and cupcakes for New Yorkers...

I can't have just one,  that's why I had them early today-as breakfast...
These beauties are made of condensed milk and cocoa- the perfect ying yang!

There's just one tiny problem-you can become addicted very quickly, so is a good thing you can only find this delicacy in Brazil- like Shakira's--these hips don't lie...

I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing people like Lais Bastos, who brought me a box with 9 pieces. Obrigada Lais!

If you're ever in Sao Paulo, Maria Brigadeiro should be your very first stop.

If you want to thank me for the tip, just bring me one brigadeiro and we call it even!


Obrigada XOXO

La Gerente

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  1. OMG that looks delicious! If I ever get to visit Brazil someday I will definitely buy a box.