Sunday, July 24, 2011

Want perfect eyebrows? Count to THREAD!

No this does not look pretty and yes, it hurts a bit- but hey-who wants to have ugly Betty's eyebrows?

Not me! Although I'm a wax girl, 6 years ago I discovered Indian Thread and let me tell you, once you go thread, well, you know the rest...

This is a centuries-old hair removal technique. The esthetician removes the unwanted hair using a string. The results? Beautifully shaped-perfect eyebrows!  And the best part is how affordable this is.

We're talking about $12 dollars tops.

No more excuses for messy Kris Kross eyebrows! You know Indian women play no games when it comes to beauty...

I might never have the Indian naturally perfect eyebrows, but at least I will always have Indian

Thread...and I'm happy with that.

Don't be afraid. No pain no game.

XOXO Jen, La Gerente.

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  1. Muy buena recomendacion! La primera vez que lo probe fue en Tunez y me dolio mucho pero me encanto el resultado. Ahora es lo unico que utilizo para depilacion en la cara.