Saturday, July 16, 2011

Obsessed with the Kindgom of Women

Courtesy of Kingdom of Women Ein El Hilweh

I travel so I can see the world in front row seats, not on the cover of a newspaper.
I travel so I can form my own opinion because school can't teach you that.
I travel because it makes you more human and compassionate.
I travel, because only doing so you can understand people.

Yes, I have been blessed. Yes, I'm one lucky girl and no- make no mistake- I never take it for granted.
I would never be able to express my sincere gratitude for the amazing opportunities life has given me.
I feel connected to the world. I celebrate and suffer because I belong.
Just the other day, I found the trailer for the Kingdom of Women: Ein el Hilweh.
Since then, I've been following very closely this documentary about the Palestinian Refugee Camp that took place in 1982 in South Lebanon. I've heard this story before, but never from the mouth of the surviving women.

This is no True Hollywood story, this was real to the bones, it captivated me- I felt my heart melt.
I can't help but to be amazed and humbled by the courage of these extraordinary women that lost everything, everything- but their dignity.
1982 was just the other day, I was in school, playing with dolls- meanwhile, the Palestinian women and children my age were fighting for their lives. The story keeps on repeating itself.
We all share the same space-  Isn't time to give peace a chance?

With utter respect I invite you all to watch a sneak peak and if you can, why not?
Say a little prayer for peace...

XOXO Jen, La Gerente

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